Process, Test and Tooling

Flexline products are custom solutions used by many company’s product groups, from Research and Development to Manufacturing.  Expect complete implementation from materials sourcing through to operator training. Flexline enables faster time to market and lower cost, due to less overhead and close coordination.


Implant & other Process Systems

  • Particle accelerator
  • Grid Chamber based implant
  • Deposition
  • High voltage,  high vacuum

Factory Automation

  • Robotic alignment and setup
  • Motion systems
  • Motorized stages
  • SCARA robotic systems
  • DC servo motors
  • Stepper motors
  • AC variable frequency motors
  • Linear motors




Vision Inspection

  • CCD cameras
  • National Instruments IMAQ products

Control Systems (PC-based)

  • Vision and image processing
  • GPIB instrument control
  • Vibration measurement & analysis
  • Real time control systems
  • Thermal control

Measurement Devices/Data Acquisition

  • High channel count
  • Logging systems

Test Equipment and Fixtures

  • Custom automated controls
  • Thermal/IR image analysis
  • High vacuum, high temperature




Material Handling

Test Components