Offering unique specialized capabilities not found in other firms

For over 15 years, Flexline LLC has concentrated on providing customers with services that are difficult to find. Thanks to this focus, Flexline has grown its expertise for handling unique and challenging needs, and built its resume over the years by developing:

  • Customized project management & system concept development
  • Special skills that many new companies do not have, or have no time to develop in-house
  • Technological expertise building one-of-a-kind total systems solutions and discrete custom projects

Flexline does not fit into a single service provider category because it offers:

  • Custom, in-house manufacturing and controls development
  • System assembly and controls design expertise
  • The ability to handle single-system projects or develop & build single-task machinery for production
  • Can deliver from concept-design through to working equipment solutions

Flexline is ideal for assisting Customers who need or have resource constraints such as:

  • Prove product before getting go-to-market capital
  • No in house manufacturing experts; no need for full time experts
  • Experts in science but not system design
  • No or limited resources for system implementation such as people for system design; process control; tool integration; analog specialists.
  • Prove they have a process and can make a product for investors.